Donut Farm
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   Los Angeles

We've got all the Cake and Raised donuts daily. Thank you for your loyalty and support! Our donuts are now available at all Philz Coffee Stores in Southern California! Wholesale is kicking up and we hope to expand. 


Right in here in the eastside's trendiest neighborhood of Silver Lake, a Donut Farm emerged in early 2016. Our loyal followers have never been happier to have our donuts make their way south. We are the first all vegan/organic donut shop in addition to being an all vegan coffee bar in this area. Stop into this retro shop for a quick sugary fix with the pleasure of knowing no sentient beings were harmed and you're getting only the finest premium ingredients in your treats. Our coffee is certified organic fair-trade from our roaster in Oakland. You have to try our smooth and refreshing cold brew on tap. Murals inside were created by street artist legend Bunnie Reiss


2609 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 788-7549


Open Daily

7am - 8pm