Pepples Scramble  $11.50

Fresh organic tofu scramble with mushrooms, tender greens, spinach, carrots & curry powder, served with hashbrowns & choice of Acme sourdough or Dave's Killer Wheat, or side of Avo.

Pesto Scramble  $12.50

Fresh organic tofu scramble with pesto & seasonal veggies (ask your server), served with choice of Acme sourdough, Dave's Killer Wheat, or side of Avo.

Breakfast Burrito  $9.95

Organic pinto beans, spicy cumin chili potatoes, zucchini, red onion, and Anaheim peppers with a choice of veggie meat wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with a side of fresh corn chips. Meat choices: Spicy Chipotle Sausage, Tempeh Bacon, Jackfruit Carnitas, or Chik'n. *Add Avo or Daiya cheese for $1.00 ea. Burrito bowl option also available.

Biscuits (or Donuts) & Gravy Plate  $9.50

Our very own organic herbed biscuits (or donuts) smothered in shiitake & thyme gravy, served with a side of southern greens. * Add daiya for $1.00 or hash browns for $3.0

Cornmeal Waffle  $8.50/12.50

Organic cornmeal & wheat waffle, one or two, served with our house-made candy cap or huckleberry syrup, organic fake butter, and topped with organic sliced banana. (extra syrup or fruit .65 cents)

Cornmeal Blueberry Pancakes  $8.95/11.95

One or two organic wheat & cornmeal pancakes with fresh Oregon blueberries. Served with our candy cap or huckleberry syrup, and house-made fake butter.

Donut Farm Organic Granola  $7.95

Made here, wheat free. Organic dates, sunflower seeds, almonds and coconut flakes. Served with organic banana slices & choice of organic soy or hemp milk.


Farm Salad  $9.95

Big salad with spring mix, carrot, red onion, tomato, cucumber, 1/2 an avocado, dressing, topped with sunflower seeds. Choice of lemon vinaigrette or house-made ranch. 

BBQ Tempeh  $11.50

House-seasoned Rhizocali tempeh smothered in local Honey Badger BBQ sauce with sprouts, red onion, mustard, avo & tomato on a whole wheat bun.

Organic Tofu Burger  $9.50

Wildwood burger served on an organic whole wheat bun with vegan mayo, mustard, red onion & sprouts.

Tofu Tempeh Bacon Cheezeburger $12.50

Same as above PLUS fried tasty tempeh bacon crumbles melted into Daiya swish or cheddar cheeze.

Chik'N'Ranch  $10.95

Seared Chik'n pieces, ranch dressing, mustard, sprouts, red onion, tomato on a whole wheat bun.

Grilled Tempeh Reuben  $12.95

House marinated Tempeh, Daiya swiss, local organic sauerkraut, spicy mustard &house-made 1000 island dressing on Dave's killer Rye.

Hand Cut Organic Fries  $3/5

Fresh organic russets fried in organic oil. Half or Full portion.

  • Add Fries to any sandwich $3
  • Any sandwich can be made wrap or bowl style
  • All sandwiches include small garnish salad





Hash $3                                                                                                                                       Southern Greens or 1/2 Avocado $3                                                                                         Sausage/Chik'n/Bacon $4                                                                                                         Jackfruit $5                                                                                                                                 Side Pinto Beans $3                                                                                                                      Toast $2                                                                                                                   

Extras: Organic Jam/BBQ/Ranch/Syrup  .65 cent


$2.50 Classics:

Vanilla Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar, Plain Cake

$3.00 Classics:

Coconut Whiteout, Vanilla Sprinkle, Vanilla Cookie, Chocolate Vanilla, Chocolate Sprinkle, Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Coconut, Lemon Poppyseed, Blueberry, Orange Creamsicle

$3.50 Top Shelf:

Salted Caramel, Lavender Earl Grey, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Whisky Tangering Fig, Candycap, Matcha Green Tea.

$3.50 Seasonal:

Pumpkin Pie, Apple Cider, Meyer Lemon

Raised (SAT & SUN ONLY)

Apple Fritter $3.75                                                                                                                       Banana Fritter $3.75                                                                                                               Raised Glazed $2.50                                                                                                                     Cinnamon Swirl/Twist $3                                                                                                              Jelly Filled (Raspberry) $3.50


Brewed Coffee $3
Cold Brew $5/6
Chai Latte (Hemp or Soy milk) $4.25
Hot/Iced Tea $3                                                                                                                           Lev's Kombucha  $5                                                                                                                     Apple or Orange Juice $4.25/5.25