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Online reviews & In-person experiences: We encourage those who had a great experience to share the love on Yelp or Google! We get negative reviews sometimes where people seem to very much misconceive the situation in a rather unfair way. We work extremely hard and try to do the best we can with the limited space we have, but we know sometimes there is a hiccup. Please be fair and understand there are two sides to every story and that it might not be what you perceive. If you had an expectation from the concept and selection we offer, and expected something entirely different, that isn't really our fault and we are sorry if you feel like something you personally desired didn't meet your individual tastes. If the food truly wasn't up to par, we understand, and please let us know up front in person or through our Contact feature so we can personally make sure your voice is heard, and we can actually do something about it for you to make it right. Taking something online in a public form if it can be resolved then and there isn't the best way to get recourse and a solution.  As far as service issues are concerned, please inform us of the issue at the time, and don't walk out unhappy, venting on yelp and google putting people's livelihood and small business at stake over something that maybe could have been resolved right in the moment. We are very open and receptive to honest feedback and would appreciate if you explained your issues to management on site, or used our contact form through the website. Thank you for being understanding! People tend to focus on the negative way too much and we are a small business just trying to offer an amazing product to the vegan community in ways they can't get anywhere else. We spend a lot of money, time, and effort into meticulously sourcing our ingredients so you can trust you are getting something clean, completely vegan, and support a business that is looking at the bigger picture and their impact on this planet. Thank you to the customers, new and repeat, who understand this and appreciate how much we put in to deliver something amazing and unique. If you have an issue with the pricing, please realize we're in the Bay area, rent is high, wages are rising, we use premium ingredients, so factoring all of this in may create a higher price point. Comments like "make it affordable" dismisses a lot of what goes into our production and the competitive wages we pay our staff. 

Josh LevineComment