Ingredient and Allergen Information

ALL ingredients are vegan, most ingredients are organic or are sourced from the best quality and sustainability standards available. You can check here, on our in-store menu, or ask, and we can happily assist you on specific ingredient inquiries.

Ingredients: (100% Organic) unbleached pastry flour, soy flour, water, canola oil, Sustainable palm fruit oil, vanilla extract, flax seeds, non-GMO soy lecithin, Aluminum free baking powder, Aluminum free baking soda, kosher salt. 

Other Cake Flavors and Ingredients: organic poppy seeds, organic cocoa, organic blueberries, organic spices

Toppings may contain: powdered sugar, tapioca flour*, raspberry jam*, blueberries*, coconut milk, coconut*, beet juice*, cocoa powder*, lemon juice*, lemon zest*, whole tangerines*, figs, poppy seeds*, cookies*, sprinkles, cinnamon*, pumpkin*, apples*, cherries*, orange juice concentrate*, fair trade coffee*,  vanilla extract*, vanilla whole beans*. *= Organic. Other: (not available organic, but vegan) kaffir lime leaves, (vegan) bourbon.

  • We currently do not use nuts but some manufacturer warnings on our ingredient labels do still exist, and may claim there could be traces of nuts in their processing facilities. If you are extremely sensitive to nuts, we do not recommend consuming our product.

  • We do not offer gluten free donuts at this time.

  • Our donuts are made from scratch daily - not from a commercial mix. In 2009, our mix was officially certified organic by the USDA.

  • Our cake donuts contain wheat and soy flour (Certified Organic, thus non-GMO).

  • Though we only use wheat flour, some traces of soy lecithin are in our yeast raised donuts.

  • We proudly use Aluminum free baking soda.

  • We use coconut milk for some of the glazes. 

  • Our donuts are free of dairy products and eggs used in traditional donuts.

  • We use organic sugar not processed with bone char.

  • We do not use fillers, dyes, or processed ingredients outside of trusted sources that are organic or beyond organic standards.

  • We use organic palm shortening to fry our donuts in sourced free of harm to creatures of the land. 

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  • Although vegan, organic, and non-GMO, our donuts do not contain more or less fat than conventional donuts, nor more or less sugar. 

  • Shelf-life/storage recommendations: Cake Donuts: Meant to keep well for two days in tightly closed container/box. Do not refrigerate as this can alter the texture and glaze. Yeast Raised Donuts: Peak freshness >12-24hrs. We don't advise mailing the donuts unless you want to pay for costly speed/handling charges through a company. Please note that we also do not mail our product.


Organic items on the FOOD menu are specified as to what is organic and what is not. We source our food ingredients both organic and non-organic, but still make sure to get the best quality and would never put anything less than the best on your plate! Everything is 100% vegan.

All "proteins" are vegan. Ask our server about menu flexibility if you'd prefer alternatives to faux meats and gluten items.

- Our faux chicken is non-GMO textured soy protein. We can grill or batter and fry this.

- The sausage is wheat protein and spices.

- The tofu is firm organic tofu (soy).

- The tempeh is organic tempeh (fermented soybean) and contains soy sauce in the marinade.

- Our Fake Butter is completely vegan and made in-house. Same with our vegan house-made ranch.

You can contact the Oakland shop for any urgent concerns about allergens or ingredients - contact info is in on the Oakland locations page.

Last updated 1/25/2019