Allergen & Ingredient Information

  • Nutrition facts coming soon!

  • We currently do not use nuts but some manufacturer warnings on our ingredient labels do still exist, and may claim there could be traces of nuts in their processing facilities.

  • We do not offer gluten free donuts at this time.

  • Our donuts are made from scratch daily - not from a commercial mix. In 2009, our mix was officially certified organic by the USDA.

  • Our cake donuts contain wheat and soy flour (Certified Organic, thus non-GMO).

  • Though we only use wheat flour, some traces of soy lecithin are in our yeast raised donuts.

  • We use coconut milk for some of the glazes.

  • Our donuts are free of dairy products and eggs used in traditional donuts.

  • We use organic sugar not processed with bone char.

  • We do not use fillers, dyes, or processed ingredients outside of trusted sources that are organic or beyond organic standards.

  • We use organic palm shortening to fry our donuts in sourced free of harm to creatures of the land.

  • Although vegan, organic, and non-GMO, our donuts do not contain more or less fat than conventional donuts, nor more or less sugar. 

Last updated 2/22/2017