About Donut Farm


Donut Farm's commitment to a vegan recipe is for two reasons:

a) We believe that a vegan diet is the most healthy & sustainable diet for human health & compassionate living.

b) We believe that animals don't need to be involved, bothered, hassled or killed for us humans to exist on the planet. Ever.


   Pepples Donut Farm, or simply, Donut Farm, was started in 2006 by Josh Levine. A San Francisco native, Josh ultimately gave up his white collar career to go back to food. With the help of friends, employees, and the interest of the community, a vegan donut company was born. What started as a hobby quickly became a daily wholesale business, serving cafes in SF, Oakland and Berkeley who needed vegan options. Some of our first accounts were Ritual Coffee, Philz Coffee, Rainbow Grocery Co-op, and others. In 2008 "Pepples" moved from its shared kitchen  into their own space. Still wholesale only, the business grew... After gaining sales at Whole Foods Markets Northern California, "Pepples" was able to afford to source 100% Organic ingredients for the donut line. (Shortly after which Whole Foods backed out). It was right at this time that a retail space was about to be built out; a place for the donuts to be made AND enjoyed! However, before ground was even broken, a turn-key restaurant was acquired! Consequently, the Donut Farm was born. Oakland Donut Farm at 6037 San Pablo has been the home of our 100% Organic Vegan Donuts since 2010, as well as Vegan Brunch and weekday breakfast and lunch offerings. A strictly vegan restaurant and bakery to the core. At that same time we opened a retail kiosk in the iconic Ferry Building Marketplace, where we have been since 2010 selling our donuts from a small kiosk in the most beautiful city on earth. 

   Expanding again in 2014, the popular donut company acquired a neighborhood cafe, Coffee Conscious, at 1312 Gilman Street in Berkeley. The perfect place to explore Coffee and Tea Donut pairings, it's a quaint and attractive space in the small neighborhood of Westbrae in North Berkeley. We added a small non-donut vegan organic bakery line, making muffins, scones, "pep tarts" and yam rolls (delicious). 

   The latest move is the opening of a whole new Donut Farm in Los Angeles in Silverlake near Echo Park at 2609 W Sunset Blvd. 90026. Once a former Donut shoppe now transformed into Los Angeles' first vegan coffee bar along with our 100% organic ingredient vegan donuts. Cake donuts and raised donuts every day.